Supporting the emotional and physical well-being of our students and families 

Welcome to our online resource from our Health and Physical Education Learning Area 

If we move, we feel healthier, can work harder and sleep better. We challenge you to do a minimum of two hours of activity in any one week from the selections found within this resource.

  • For students to help keep skill and fitness levels up and or just to have fun
  • For parents and staff to prompt competition for families and lessons or just to have fun

You can select from a number of activities and varying levels of ability:

  • Fitness Games such as Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders for family friendly fun
  • Skill Challenges such as AFL, Netball, Soccer, Trick Shots
  • Weekly Challenges               
  • Cardio Workouts and Challenges such dance workouts, Pilates and stretching, Superhero Fitness routines and circuits, indoor/outdoor activities

Accept our challenges. They help pass the time and keep you fitter.  

Our challenges don't stay the same, so come back and see what's new