For Parents

Willetton Senior High School commenced in 1977 with 90 students and has since grown to be one of the largest public schools in Western Australia with a student population at present of over 2400.

Under the leadership of Mr Colin Marshall, Willetton has continued to develop as a strong and vibrant learning community.

Willetton is a school of choice for many families who move into the district to gain entry. Student achievement is facilitated by a safe environment focused on learning. Comparative results in all areas are consistently strong. Information on planning and the considered use of resources can be found in the school's Business Plan.

The school operates a number of specialist programs to meet student needs and interests.

These include:

Participation is fostered in a wide range of opportunities to extend and inspire students. These are facilitated by dedicated staff who contribute to student success in academic, sporting and cultural fields.

Further information can be found on Schools Online

As well as providing students with learning experiences that are relevant and excellent, we provide students with wide-ranging opportunities and contexts to express new ideas and display new skills.

UNESCO’s Report of the International Commission on Education for the 21st century, identifies four pillars of learning.

Learning to;

  • know
  • do
  • live together
  • be

Each of these pillars informs the day-to-day activities at Willetton. They are also represented in the school’s Vision and Purpose as expressed in the Business Plan. At Willetton, we apppreciate that students will graduate into a dynamic and rapidly changing world and self-fulfilment will come from following individual paths that honour their values, interests and passions.

The four areas of academic, artistic and cultural, service and endeavour and sport, present the rewarding opportunities in which students can engage as they prepare for the world beyond secondary school.