2017 Information

Students have been advised of their 2017 subjects/electives. Any changes made since that time will be reflected in student timetables issued at the commencement of 2017. There will be an opportunity during the first two weeks of Term 1, 2017 for families to request changes to subjects/electives. Once the school timetable grid has been set, all families will receive confirmed Charges and Voluntary Contributions 2017. 

Families are encouraged to make payment for their student’s Charges and Voluntary Contributions 2017 as soon as possible, with full payment finalised by Friday April 7, 2017. Families will receive Reminder of Unpaid Billing Items in Terms 2 and 3 with a final reminder in Term 4. Charges outstanding will roll over to future years and may be referred to an outside agency. Families experiencing financial difficulties/hardship are urged to make contact with the Finance Office immediately.

Fees Biller: Our current receipting system is limited to having only one person listed as the nominated fees biller. The new web based system in 2018 will give schools greater flexibility in this respect. Until such time, the nominated fees biller is the person responsible for coordinating payments.

For enquiries, please contact the Finance Office via email Willetton.SHS.Finance@education.wa.edu.au or by telephoning 9334 7200.