Equipment List

Years 7 to 10

A diary will be supplied to ALL students. Textbooks do NOT need to be purchased.

Students in Years 7 to 10 do not need to purchase textbooks. Books and eBooks are provided and workbooks/workpads are also issued in some subject areas.

Equipment to be purchased for all students:


  • Laptop (recommended) for eBooks and other learning activities
  • Lever-arch file or two ring binder files with two sets of file dividers and paper
  • Pens (two blue, two black and red), HB pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler, highlighters, coloured pencils
    • Plastic sleeves or manila wallet style document folder
    • Safety glasses for Science and Design and Technology


  • Tudor A4 Binder Book 12 - 100 pages (Ref: B812)


  • Scientific calculator Years 7 to 9 and Year 10 modified class (Casio FX 82 AUPLUS II)
  • Casio Class Pad FXCP400 Year 10 Gifted and Talented, extension and mainstream
  • One document wallet and two A4 8mm 96 page exercise books
  • Protractor and compass

Physical Education

  • Willetton Senior High School Physical Education uniform
  • Year 10 Physical Education – small personalised towel for resistance training course
    • Personal supply of sunscreen
    • Broad brim hat for outdoor activities (recommended)
    • Water bottle

The following items are required ONLY if a student is enrolled in the particular subject:

Basketball Specialist Program

  • Small personalised towel for resistance training
    • Reversible training top (available from school)
    • Water bottle

Japanese, Korean, Italian and French

  • Japanese-English / English-Japanese pocket dictionary
  • Italian-English / English-Italian pocket dictionary
  • French-English / English-French pocket dictionary
  • Korean-English / English-Korean pocket dictionary

Food Courses

  • Food storage container


  • A3 portfolio (purchase from Willetton SHS canteen)
  • 2B Pencils