Financial Assistance

Secondary Assistance in the form of financial subsidies is available to holders of Health Care and Pensioner Benefit cards or Veterans’ Affairs Pensioner Card who meet the eligibility criteria.  Application forms can be downloaded from this website (see below). Application closing date and validity extended - as a result of COVID-19, submission due date for applications has been extended to July 3, 2020 and cards can now be valid during either Term 1 or Term 2. Due to social distancing and restrictions with entry onto school grounds please email applications to and include a scanned/photographed copy of the concession card for verification.

The Education Program Allowance ($235) is paid directly to the school and applied to Voluntary Contributions for Years 7-10. For those parents/guardians who elect to direct their Uniform Allowance ($115) to the school, these funds will be deducted from the compulsory charges first and then voluntary contributions (Years 7-10). For eligible students in Years 11 and 12, both Education Program Allowance and Uniform Allowance will be applied directly to compulsory charges. For detailed information please refer to the links below.

Willetton SHS is aware that the payment of C&VC can be a burden for some families. Therefore, families experiencing financial difficulties/hardship are urged to make contact with the Finance Office as soon as possible to discuss payment plan options. Disregarding accounts and reminders is unhelpful to all parties and prevents school from being able to assist you. Please contact the Finance office by emailing or by telephoning 9334 7200.


2020 Secondary Assistance Eligibility

2020 Secondary Assistance Application Form Years 7-12 Education Program and Uniform Allowance