Willetton Senior High School

 Descriptions of amounts requested from parents to cover Other Optional Costs and Voluntary Approved Requests


Item and Description


School Diary

Distributed to all students at the start of the year



Produced and distributed at the end of the year


ICT Support

Running and maintaining our ICT network, software and hardware.



Production of various school brochures, booklets and handouts.


Library Contribution

Library purchases.


Bus Contribution

Running and maintaining the school buses.


Student Facilities

Producing Newsletters and Daily Bulletin; student awards, parent / student presentations; councillor badges etc


Learning Techniques

Cost dependant on material provided.

Portfolios, Merit rewards, Y10 to Y11 transition materials, Career expo, MYLO materials, study skills information.

Year 7    - $6.00

Year 8    - $2.00

Year 9    - $2.00

Year 10 - $15.00

Year 11   - $6.00

Year 12   - $1.00