2021 Information 

In early December of each year families receive their proposed Charges and Voluntary Contributions for the upcoming year.  This is a Department of Education mandatory requirement as it allows families time to review proposed courses of study and costs payable.   Once the school timetable grid has been set, usually by March the following year, families will receive their confirmed Charges and Voluntary Contribution.

As mandated by government legislation, a set $235 Contribution course of study is available to students in Years 7 to 10 (exceptions being certain visa categories).  Extra cost optional courses outside the set $235 core program incur additional charges.  Charges relate to items that students utilise over and above that which are supplied by the Department of Education. All courses of study undertaken in Years 11 and 12 incur compulsory charges.  A detailed explanation of Charges, Voluntary Contributions, Other Optional Costs and Voluntary Approved Requests can be found on the school website.

Our current receipting system, which is supported by the DoE, is limited to having only one person listed as the nominated fees biller. The nominated fees biller is the person responsible for coordinating payments

In line with Department of Education recommendation and endorsed by the School Board, families will receive three (3) Reminders of Unpaid Billing Items, after which, charges outstanding will roll over to future years and may also be referred for collection, in October of each year, to an outside agency.

If a student is enrolled at Willetton for only a proportion of the school year, or changes subjects, Charges and Contributions are adjusted accordingly. Please note that if a student leaves the school at any time, a clearance form must be completed.

Families are encouraged to make payment for their student’s 2021 Charges and Voluntary Contributions as soon as possible, with full payment finalised by 1 April 2021.  Preferred payment method for Charges and Voluntary Contributions is via Qkr!™  

For enquiries, please contact the Finance Office via email Willetton.SHS.Finance@education.wa.edu.au or by telephoning 9334 7200.