2021 Course Costs

As mandated by government legislation, a set $235 Voluntary Contribution course of study is available to students in Years 7 to 10 (exceptions being certain visa categories).  Extra cost optional courses outside the set $235 core program incur additional charges.  Charges relate to items that students utilise over and above that which are supplied by the Department of Education. All courses of study undertaken in Years 11 and 12 incur compulsory charges. 

Students are encouraged to enrol in a course which is within the family budget.  To this end approved 2021 subject costs are available by clicking on the relevant year group below.  Parents are encouraged to refer to this whenever guiding their student in selecting subjects.

Curriculum information for 2021 Course Selection and Handbooks

Year 7 Course Costs

Year 8 Course Costs

Year 9 Course Costs

Year 10 Course Costs

Year 11 Course Costs

Year 12 Course Costs