Student Laptops

Technology, web-based tools and resources have significantly changed the landscape of learning in the past decade. We now have at our fingertips unlimited access to digital content, resources and experts. Many teachers integrate resources extensively in their programs and can adopt approaches and provide opportunities previously not possible.Teachers aim to not only deepen student learning, but also develop digital literacy, fluency and citizenship that will prepare students for the world in which they will live, learn and work.

To ensure access to digital resources, Willetton SHS has adopted a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model which means students are requested to bring a personally owned laptop to school for the purpose of learning.

The laptop can be purchased from any vendor, as long as it meets the following requirements;

  • has a long battery life (minimum of 6 hours),

  • is to be light and portable (maximum 14” screen),

  • is capable of running Office 365 software (Apple and Windows devices are suitable),

  • has corporate grade Anti-virus eg McAfee, Symantec, Trend etc.,

  • has a physically connected full keyboard so students can be productive in class.

  • Is not a Chromebook.

Apple laptops have proven to be reliable for use at Willetton Senior High School and Windows machines will work effectively on our network. The school has brokered a cost effective price from Winthrop Australia on behalf of parents. Chromebooks are strictly NOT acceptable and will not be connected to the school’s network. Issues have also been experienced with some Android machines.

Winthrop Australia

Usage Policy for Student Owned Laptops

Internet Safety Awareness