Qkr!™  - preferred payment method for Charges and Voluntary Contributions

         Trybooking - an automated ticketing system for events and productions. The system gives families                      the opportunity to book specific seats.


         Credit Card and EFTPOS facilities are available.


         PAYMENT PLANS are an option to families and can be commenced immediately. Please note full                        payment should be received by the end of Semester 1.                                                                                              Payment Plan Application Form 2018 (pdf will immediately download)



Consent2Go -  is our preferred method of payment for school excursions and incursions.

Parents will

  • be sent an email each time their student is invited to attend an excursion/incursion/event
  • utilise this link which is unique to each event to give consent
  • make the payment at the time consent is given to attend utilising a family’s nominated credit card which is automatically linked to the BPoint payment facility.

Use the Consent2Go icon to update student details at any time, other than during the time parents are giving consent to attend an event. Enter information to be changed and submit.