Information for Parents

There's a problem with... 

 Something is going wrong, I don't know what it is

  • Don't leave it!
  • It’s easier to try to fix a problem in the early stages
  • Ring the Year Coordinator and explain your concern - the Year Coordinator will help you try to sort out what the problem is and/or refer you to someone else for help

I think my child is having problems with a subject, I'm not sure

  • Phone the teacher if it's just one subject and tell them your concern
  • The Head of Learning Area can also help
  • If it's more than one subject ring the Year Coordinator and discuss your concerns
  • A Progress Report will be arranged
  • The Year Coordinator will let you know what is really happening

I think my child is being bullied, what should I do?

  • Don't leave it!
  • Ring the Year Coordinator, who will try to help your child fix the problem
  • The Deputy Principals or the School Psychologist and the School Chaplain can also help

My child has become very unhappy at school, can I do anything?

  • Check it isn't just an argument - try to talk it over
  • Ring the Year Coordinator if it's not easily fixed and relate what's happening, you may be referred to the School Psychologist or School Chaplain