How Can I Help with Homework and Study?

Help with organisation right from Day 1

Study Area

Set up a quiet area for work and study - a desk or table

Make sure it's away from TV, radio and anything else distracting

Check the light - is it comfortable and shining on the work area?


What is needed?

Paper (reinforced A4), pens, rulers, small note pads, plastic sleeves, files, punch, ring reinforcers, a dictionary on the desk


Make a timetable for school and after school

Set up a regular time for homework (1-1½ hours homework and study per night approx) - include sport, training and other commitments

The diary has a study schedule plan and hints to help make the plan

Pin the plan up above the desk

Timetables will change in Term 3 so make a new plan then

Study and Homework Routine

Help organise a regular routine for homework and study.

 Try this:

  • Go to work/study area at the agreed time
  • Check diary
  • Write a list of work due and dates due (small white notepads are great for this)
  • Write a list of work to do that night - do hardest things first
  • Tick/cross out work done
  • If there is no set homework - READ or STUDY in the set time - study means going over work and learning it
  • Finished: * tidy up work area * tidy up files * pack bag for the following day

A regular routine really helps!

Files are a mess! How can I help?

Many students find it difficult to keep files organised. There are five main subjects - Health and Physical Education, English, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, plus Maths and five\six elective subjects. That's a lot to organise.

There are two file choices: Lever Arch or Ring Binder.

 Lever Arch Files

  • Use file dividers ...clearly labelled with each subject
  • Reinforce the holes with ring binders - they tear with use
  • Use reinforced A4 paper
  • Use plastic sleeves for worksheets or reinforce them - they come loose
  • Date each page and worksheet used
  • Write a title on each page eg "Society & Environment - Making Laws"
  • Write on one side of the paper - it's easier to study from
  • Writing notes, develop a pattern
  • Put headings/main ideas near the margin
  • Write notes further in
  • Write one main idea on each line
  • Number notes clearly

Tidy files each night - check paper supply and order

Clear out file when a unit of study is finished

Ring Binder Files - these are easier for students to organise, as they don't break as much

  • Get three A4 ring binder files, use different colours

one Maths and Science -a file divider between

one English and Humanities and Social Sciences - file diver between

one Health Education and elective subjects - file dividers between

  • Buy, label and reinforce the dividers - one for each subject
  • Label files on the cover and spine
  • Buy four A4 ruled and punched 7mm Tudor lecture pads for main subjects
  • Label with subject and number each right-hand page (don't use back of each page)
  • Buy two packets of plastic sleeves to store handouts
  • Buy reinforced A4 paper for work which needs handing in 

Set up main subjects

  • File dividers and label for each subject
  • Plastic sleeve for current worksheets
  • A4 book for class work
  • Sheets of paper for work that has to be handed in (5-10)
  • Plastic sleeves for old worksheets and work (5)