All students who are known to have asthma are supported via Asthma Friendly policies and procedures and all students, staff and visitors can access asthma first aid in an emergency.

 We are committed to being an Asthma Friendly school. This means:

  • The majority of staff have current training in asthma first aid and routine management, conducted or approved by Asthma Foundation WA
  • Asthma Emergency Kits are accessible to staff and include in-date reliever medication, single person use spacers
  • Asthma First Aid posters are on display and information is available for staff and parents
  • Policies are Asthma Friendly


  • We meet all legal, regulatory and policy requirements related to health care planning and asthma management
  • We maintain a central record of students health care needs, including asthma, and review regularly
  • We induct new staff in asthma policies and procedures
  • We have a spacer and mask replacement policy

 Roles and responsibilities


  • Are supported to self-manage their asthma: we explain asthma and asthma care to the students


  • Provide an Asthma Care Plan, signed by the treating doctor
  • Provide their child’s medication, clearly dated and in the original labelled container, a spacer, and mask as required
  • Alert staff to any changes in their child’s asthma management


  • Document any asthma attack and advise parents/carers as a matter of priority
  • Review documentation regularly to ensure compliance with procedures
  • Minimise exposure to known triggers