Attendance Policy

Information related to the Attendance Policy is also stated in the Homework Diary.

Parents are requested to ring the school by 9.00am on the day of their child’s absence.

All students must:

  • be at school during their normal timetabled hours, or
  • be absent only with their parents’ or the school's permission

Students who are absent from school for an entire day must bring a note of explanation as soon as they return.  This note should clearly state the student’s first name, surname, tutor group, the date(s) and reason for the absence. The note must be placed in the box outside or inside Student Services.

All students late to school must:

  • report to the Student Services Centre with a note, have their name recorded, receive a late note and go to class
  • be directed to the Student Services Centre if late to school and attempting to enter a classroom without a late note

Students needing to leave during the day must do the following:

  • bring a parent’s note stating permission to leave, which outlines the reason and the time the student needs to leave
  • report to the Student Services Centre prior to school or during recess/lunch time, have their name recorded and receive a Leave Pass from the reception desk
  • if the student returns to school later that day, sign in at the Student Services Centre

Students are required to stay at school unless they have parents’ permission to leave and have a Leave Pass.

  • in the case of illness a student must get the teacher’s permission to go to the Medical Centre (or see the First Aid Officer at recess or lunchtime)
  • the First Aid Officer will decide if it is necessary for the student to go home
  • if no First Aid Officer is available, students must see one of the Deputy Principals
  • in the case of emergencies or problems of any other kind the student must come to Student Services.

Under no circumstances should students leave the school without first getting permission from their parents (and then informing the school), the First Aid Officer or Student Services.

Senior Status for Year 12 Students

Year 12 students are granted Senior Status which allows students without classroom and school responsibilities, to leave the school campus at any time. To identify each student, a special badge is worn. Detailed information is provided to those students and parents at the beginning of each year.