Homework - Lower School

School Responsibility

  • advise students clearly and accurately of the policy
  • set clear and reasonable deadlines
  • encourage a planned approach to major projects
  • penalise late work (such as being assessed on a mark deduction basis)
  • return homework within a week
  • penalise work which has been directly copied (plagiarised) from unacknowledged sources
  • contact parents about late, lost or substandard work

Student Responsibility

  • understand clearly what has to be done and when it is due
  • use the homework diary
  • find out what you missed if absent when homework was given out
  • prepare a homework/study timetable based on the school’s recommendations
  • ask for help when difficulties with homework arise, well before the work is due

How Parents Can Help

  • Know the school’s recommendations regarding time allocation for homework/study.
  • Encourage the preparation of a homework/study timetable.
  • Show interest by asking about homework.
  • Encourage the proper use of the homework diary and sign it every week.
  • Encourage the completion of all homework.
  • Provide a note requesting an extension if there is a valid reason. Lack of organisation is not a valid reason. The consequence of not submitting work may be a good learning experience.
  • Arrange to see teachers if there is an ongoing problem.
  • Don’t feel bad if unable to help your child all the time.
  • Provide a desk or table and ensure the area is quiet and has good lighting and ventilation.

Homework and Study

  • homework is work to be done at home set by the teacher
  • study is revising, learning and broadening knowledge
  • homework is compulsory
  • study is voluntary
  • a good student will fit in homework and study each week

Time Allocation

We recommend that total time needed for these pursposes at home would be as follows:




Year 7

¾ hr

4 – 8 hrs

Year 8

¾ hr

4 – 8 hrs


1 hr

5 – 10 hrs

Year 10

1½ hrs

4 – 12 hrs


Note: Additional information on homework is provided in the Willetton SHS Homework Diary which is issued to all students.

We encourage all students to read 30 minutes per night for interest and pleasure