School Uniform Policy

All students are expected to be in school uniform and maintain a high standard of student dress. 

The supplier of our uniforms, Uniform Concepts, offers a special sizing service for some items. 

Please direct these queries to them at 30 Kembla Way, Willetton Ph: 9270 4669. Opening times are detailed on our school website.

Students wearing clothing associated with religious or cultural identity should keep within school colours.

Willetton Senior High also has a second hand uniform shop within the school, opening hours are Wednesday 9.15am to 11.15am.


  • School jumper
  • Rugby jumper
  • Knitted jumper
  • Blue Lower School short sleeve shirt
  • White Senior School short sleeve shirt
  • Blue Lower School long sleeve shirt
  • White Senior School long sleeve shirt
  • Summer Skirt
  • Navy blue school pants
  • Navy blue shorts
  • Dress 
  • School scarf

Year 12 Graduation dress code

  • Short sleeve white shirt (no t-shirt underneath or leavers' jumper)
  • Navy blue school pants (long) or school skirt
  • Black stockings
  • Appropriate black shoes
  • School tie (on loan from the school)


There are a number of issues which we consider to be important in setting the appropriate tone. They are as follows;

  • denim garments and tracksuits are not part of the school dress code
  • shoes must be closed
  • leggings are not permitted
  • stockings only with skirt or dress – not with shorts
  • stockings must be plain black or nude in colour
  • minimal ear piercing with stud/sleepers or one small nose stud only permitted
  • a school shirt must be worn beneath the school uniform outer garments
  • dangling earrings, spikey bracelets and chokers are health and safety hazards and are not permitted
  • t-shirts/undershirts are to be short-sleeved and white only, with no motifs and not to protrude beyond the sleeves/hemline
  • extreme hair colours and styles are not permitted. Only natural colours and hues are acceptable, such as blonde, brunette, black or auburn
  • students are not permitted to wear clothing or other items that will cause offence to a reasonable person
  • caps are encouraged for sun protection
  • school uniform beanies permitted in winter (trial)

Physical Education Uniforms (please note there are no exceptions):

Lower School uniform

Senior School uniform

  • WSHS PE shorts    
  • WSHS light blue PE top
  • WSHS PE Shorts
  • WSHS dark blue PE top for ALL Physical Education Studies students
  • WSHS dark blue PE top for Lifecare students.


  • suitable sandshoes/sneakers which can be tightly laced must be worn on the oval and in the gym
  • no Skate shoes, bare feet, slip-ons or open ended footwear is to be worn

 Hats and Sunscreen

  • no hats are to be worn in the gym or classroom
  • a broad brimmed hat is highly encouraged for outdoor activities but is not a compulsory item
  • sunscreen will be provided for students in Term 1 and 4 on request
  • personal supplies of sunscreen and the use of water bottles is highly encouraged