School Uniform

All students are expected to be in school uniform. We appeal to parents to cooperate with us in our efforts to maintain a high standard of student dress at the school. 

The supplier of our uniforms, Uniform Concepts, offers a special sizing service for some items. 

Please direct these queries to them at 1a/9 Yampi Way, Willetton Ph: 9270 4669. Opening times are detailed on our school website.

Willetton Senior High also has a second hand uniform shop within the school, opening hours are Wednesday 9.15am to 11.15am.

Unisex Uniform

Track top

Blue polo shirt

Knitted jumper

Track pant

Navy polo shirt


Sports shorts

Zip jacket



Girls’ Uniform

Boys’ Uniform

Blue Lower School short sleeve blouse

Blue Lower School short sleeve shirt

White Senior School short sleeve blouse

White Senior School short sleeve shirt

Blue Lower School long sleeve blouse

Blue Lower School long sleeve shirt

White Senior School long sleeve blouse

White Senior School long sleeve shirt

Summer skirt

Navy blue long trousers

Navy blue school pants

Navy blue long leg shorts

Navy blue long leg shorts





Year 12 Graduation dress code

  • Short sleeve white shirt (no t-shirt underneath or leavers' jumper)
  • Navy blue school pants (long) for boys or girls or school skirt for girls (preferred)
  • Black stockings for girls
  • Appropriate black shoes for boys and girls
  • School tie (hire from school)


There are a number of issues which we consider to be important in setting the appropriate tone. They are as follows:

  • denim garments and tracksuits are not part of the school dress code
  • shoes must be closed
  • leggings are not permitted
  • stockings only with skirt or dress – not with shorts
  • stockings must be plain black or nude in colour
  • minimal ear piercing with stud/sleepers or one small nose stud only permitted
  • dangling earrings, spikey bracelets and chokers are health and safety hazards and are not permitted
  • cummerbunds are to be white only
  • t-shirts/undershirts are to be short-sleeved and white only, with no motifs and not to protrude beyond the sleeves/hemline
  • extreme hair colours and styles are not permitted. Only natural colours and hues are acceptable, such as blonde, brunette, black or auburn
  • caps are encouraged for sun protection - beanies/berets are not part of the school dress code
  • track pants are to be worn for Phys Ed classes only

Physical Education Uniforms (please note there are no exceptions):

Lower School uniform

Senior School uniform

  • WSHS PE shorts    
  • WSHS light blue PE top
  • WSHS PE Shorts
  • WSHS dark blue PE top for ALL Physical Education Studies students
  • WSHS dark blue PE top for Lifecare students.
  • WSHS light blue tops may be worn but are not preferred


The following statements are applicable to both Lower and Senior School students:

Jumpers (Winter only)

  • Willetton SHS maroon jumpers/Willetton SHS tracksuits are permitted in PE lessons in non-active sports in the gym or on the oval for the duration of the lesson.
  • Willetton SHS jumpers/tracksuit tops may be used in active sports played in the gym or on the oval up to and inclusive of the warm-up but must then be removed. Teachers will define active/non active sports.


  • suitable sandshoes/sneakers which can be tightly laced must be worn on the oval and in the gym
  • no Skate shoes, bare feet, slip-ons or open ended footwear is to be worn

 Hats and Sunscreen

  • no hats are to be worn in the gym or classroom
  • a broad brimmed hat is highly encouraged for outdoor activities but is not a compulsory item
  • sunscreen will be provided for students in Term 1 and 4 on request
  • personal supplies of sunscreen and the use of water bottles is highly encouraged