Bullying is a wilful or conscious pattern of behaviour, over time, by one person, or group, towards another designed to threaten, frighten, hurt, injure, embarrass or upset that person.

Our school community will not tolerate bullying or harassment. Respect for others is expected.

We all have the right to feel safe at all times.

Every member of our school has the responsibility to show caring and tolerance towards others, and behave in a way that respects the right of others.

Bullying and harassment can be;

  • physical aggression – deliberately punching, hitting, kicking, bumping
  • put-down comments or insults
  • name calling or teasing
  • damage to property
  • deliberate exclusion from activities
  • setting up humiliating experiences
  • the sending of nasty notes, phone or text messages.
  • spreading rumours
  • sexual or sex-based harassment
  • racism
  • intolerance of religious beliefs and cultural practices
  • extortion – demanding money or favours
  • stealing
  • unkind or embarrassing uploading or sharing of electronic messaging or images on avenues  such as Snapchat or Instagram

We do not tolerate bullying and harassment. It is every student’s right and responsibility to report bullying

We advise students to;

  • tell the bully to stop or firmly ignore their behaviour and walk away
  • Remain calm. If the bully is not encouraged they may stop
  • use humour – laugh along with them
  • avoid high-risk areas before, during and after school
  • talk about it – bullying thrives on silence
  • share feelings with others, they can help you make a decision
  • talk about it with family and friends
    • discuss concerns with tutor teacher, class teacher, Year Coordinator, School Psychologist or Chaplain
    • don't get intimidated by the dobber tag, it only protects the bully
    • speak to a Peer Leader
    • send us a confidential email help.willetton.shs@det.wa.edu.au

We maintain that nothing is so awful that it can't be talked about to someone

All teachers are firmly committed to putting an end to acts of bullying

Physical Intimidation or Assault

The Principal or delegate will ensure that physical restraint of a student is used only;

  • where a student’s emotional or behavioural state prevents other strategies working
  • to maintain the good order of the learning environment from being successful
  • where the student’s emotional or behavioural state poses imminent risk of harm to self or others
  • if there is risk of significant damage to property
  • for the minimum amount of time needed for the student to recover an emotional or behavioural state whereby less restrictive strategies may be successful.

Key staff are trained in Team Teach training for safe restraint.

Support will be offered to all students and parents after the restraint has been completed.

A clear record of the instance of physical restraint will be kept in Student Services files and a report on Online Incident Notification System (OINS) will be completed.