The Principal may choose a sanction for a breach of behaviour policy of between 1-5 days for suspension. For a severe breach, a student may be suspended for between 6-10 days. An example for severe breach could be possession and supply of illegal substances, possession of a weapon, continued and persistent breaches of school behavioural policy.

All cases will be considered on an individual basis but in keeping with the fair and good working order of the school.

The Principal of Willetton Senior High School has transferred the power to suspend to the Deputy Principal Student Services and the Lower and Senior Schools Program Coordinators. For consistency, school personnel will confer on suspension duration.  Whilst making a decision on the length of a suspension, the Principal may make a provisional suspension time of no longer than two days until the duration is qualified. The Principal will give a reasonable time for the student and parent to understand and respond to the sanction.

The Principal will minimise attendance disruptions as much as possible including any adverse consequence for work experience placements or VET students who have a minimum number of days in which to complete their award. Suspension may not be imposed on students where there is determined an unnecessary risk in an unsafe environment or for mental health reasons or for certain Visa considerations. This is considered an exceptional circumstance and will be annotated on record. Possible options as an alternative sanction may be detention. Willetton Senior High School runs detention at recess and lunchtime as consequences for arriving late to school with no note, chewing gum infringements and low-level behavioural breaches in class. Students may also be placed on detention if they exhibit unsafe practices in the yard.  All students are given adequate time to eat, drink and use the amenities before preparing for their next class. Students who fail to attend detention are either given a double detention or after school detention.

In circumstances where a student is withdrawn from class for displaying inappropriate behaviours in opposition to the school code of conduct, a parent will be notified. The student will be withdrawn with work to Student Services for supervision. Students will be given alternative break times for hydration and toileting. The record of the withdrawal will be entered into SIS and a peachie will be actioned.  This is usually for a full or half day and is distinct from working in a buddy class.

Suspensions are not given for attendance issues, or for an incident occurring outside the school, except where the Principal can establish a reasonable nexus between the incident and school or for not adhering to the dress code.

Students suspended from Willetton Senior High School will have a re-entry meeting with Student Services where a parent is invited to be present. A behaviour plan or formal contract may be offered at that time to support the reintroduction of the student back into classes.  A student suspended for more than three days consecutively or for more than five days in total annually, will have work provided.

Students are expected to adhere to the suspension parameters and not enter the school grounds unless given permission in writing.