Students are not to be in the possession of weapons on school site or at any school activity. A student who is aware of a weapon being on school site or at a school activity is obliged to communicate this information to Student Services. A weapon on site may be considered a severe breach of behaviour policy.

In the event of a weapon being on school site or during school activities the Principal will;

  • contact the police if a weapon is deemed to be prohibited or controlled
  • offer support and counselling for a more appropriate way to deal with the perceived threat when a student is found to be carrying a weapon for self defence
  • make a report via the Online Notification System (OINS)
  • Inform parents, students and the community that weapons are banned from all school sites and activities.

Where there is reasonable suspicion a weapon is in the possession of a student, the Principal will;

  • assess the level of risk
  • ask the student with a witness present, to surrender the weapon.

If the student declines to comply with this request, the Principal, after assessing the risk to others, will;

  • inform parents/carers
  • give the parent/carer an opportunity to speak with the student either by phone, or  attend the school in person
  • ensure the student is supervised.

If the student continues to be non-compliant with the request, the Principal will;

  • inform the police that the school suspects that the student possesses a controlled or prohibited weapon
  • request a bag search for the weapon from parents/carers/student. 

If the student and the parent/carers refuse to give permission, then the Principal has the right to;

  • seize the weapon/property if deemed safe to do so
  • label and securely store the items in the presence of a witness
  • contact the police immediately if there is significant risk.

Any staff who have confiscated a weapon will securely store the weapon and provide the Principal with the date, time and location of seizure, including the recorded name of the student, the school staff involved, parents, police and any other individual involved in the incident.