Breaches of discipline by students suspected of being intoxicated

We provide proactive programs to educate students to make informed, good choices to deal with substance use in Health and Physical Education, Competency Education and Keys for Life. Guest speakers at assemblies and event days are actively sought to provide age related information on the harm of imbibing lethal substances. The Willo Parent Group also supports the students’ education with parent information nights and forums.

If after these proactive education programs a student presents as intoxicated on school grounds or at a school event off-site the staff will;

  • ensure the health and safety of the student. Only then will a sanction for the breach be applied.
  • release the students into the care of an adult where a suspension is imposed as a sanction.  This may be considered a severe breach of behaviour policy. When an adult cannot attend the Principal will decide to offer supervision at school or at a medical facility.

If there is risk to other staff and students staff will;

  • remain calm, be friendly and non-judgemental to avoid transferring anxiety
  • tell the student they are concerned about their safety
  • keep a distance, ensuring the student knows what they are trying to do before approaching or touching the student
  • stand to the side of the student when speaking to lower perceived feelings of being threatened
  • try to speak to the student privately to avoid embarrassment or escalation
  • try to find a caring friend who may assist.

 The student will not be able to leave the school site on his or her own.

The student will not be left alone.

The staff member or peers will contact Student Services immediately.