Assignments: Are there any ways I can help?

The high school library has special research methods and worksheets to help students organise and do assignments. Encourage your child to use these. They work!

Assignments aren't easy if a student is disorganised. Encourage this approach:

Getting started

  • Understand the task
  • Read the assignment task
  • Ask... "What is this about?"
  • ..."How do they want it answered?"
  • Underline the ‘what’ word/s...the facts
  • Underline the process word/s...the how to answer
    • Understand the form wanted
    • Is it...a paragraph/essay/display sheet?
    • Does it need...diagrams/graphs/illustrations/quotes?
    • Is there a cover sheet? What is on it?
      • Understand the time
      • When is it due?
      • How many days?
      • Make a plan for research time and writing time

 Researching the assignment

  • Use the library research sheets and strategies

Writing it up

  • Check...the facts...the what?...the how?...the form?
  • Plan it
  • Write a rough copy
  • Proof read
  • Write out neat copy - check bibliography/cover sheet/titles/labels

Hand it in...on time!

Parents: Please help but don't do the work!