Year 7 students at Willetton Senior High School are able to choose from Japanese, Italian, French and Korean. You will study the language you choose for at least three years during Years 7 to 9, although it is recommended that you continue your studies to Year 12. Students can also choose to learn more than one language.

The benefits of learning a second language:

  • learning a second language is exciting
  • learn to communicate
  • meet new people
  • improve your skills in your own language: you become better at reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • enhance your intellectual and social development
  • gain a better understanding of another culture
  • better travel opportunities
  • get the opportunity to participate in student exchanges and apply for scholarships
  • increases employment and career opportunities
  • receive a 10 per cent bonus on the WACE score for university entrance

We motivate our students by using a variety of learning strategies: activities and tasks which are based on the booklets provided by the teacher, conversation practice with language assistants/native speakers, online learning, games, external examinations and competitions, cooking activities, watching films and music clips in the target language, restaurant outings and food experiences.

The ultimate language experience is to participate in one of the Study Tours available to France, Italy or Japan. These occur during a school holiday period and last about three weeks. Students experience a total immersion in their chosen language and the culture of the country.

Years 7 and 8

Students will learn to write, read and listen to simple texts and will be able to formulate simple sentences in the target language. They will learn to introduce themselves and their family, talk about their likes and dislikes with hobbies, school subjects and sports in the target language. They will become more aware of the cultures and customs of the country they are studying. Activities will include producing a poster, a family tree, a brochure, a comic strip and a PowerPoint presentation.

Years 9 and 10

There is more emphasis on the grammar structures of the language. Students will be able to create more complex sentences and will become more proficient at speaking in the target language. They will develop a better understanding of the culture of the country. Activities will include creating a menu, a school brochure and a magazine cover, presenting a fashion parade, a weather report and a television commercial.

Years 11 and 12

Students will continue to develop the ability to comprehend and communicate in the target language. They will be able to express themselves more confidently in both their speaking and writing and will become more proficient at reading a variety of text types and manipulating the language. They will be capable of discussing world issues and the similarities and differences of the culture of their chosen language. At the end of their studies, students will have obtained the necessary skills to be able to speak and communicate with native speakers in real life situations.