Parent  Technology Questions 2017

1. Can students use other operating systems at WSHS other than Mac?
Willetton SHS has both Windows and Mac computers. We highly recommend students purchase an Apple device preferably a MacBook as we know they work on our network. Some devices are less compatible on our network and are not recommended. These include Chromebooks (lowest success rate), Android and some versions of Windows. Our technicians will do their best to connect these devices however there is no guarantee they can be connected.

2. Are we still able to purchase the Laptop package?
Willetton Senior High School has negotiated a package with Winthrop Australia for the benefit of parents purchasing Apple laptops for student use in 2017. Details can be found on the above link. You can however, purchase a laptop from a retailer of your choice.

3. What will students be using the devices for? By knowing some specifics, I can judge what the best device is for my child.
The students will be using the laptops with eBooks and for production of assessment tasks (Word, Powerpoint etc) in class, internet research and more specific tasks unique to the different learning areas.

4. I submitted the application online to join the parent Connect however I have not seen anything about it since.
Parents will not be given a Connect login until your child attends WSHS in 2017. It is anticipated that you will receive your login by the end of week one term 1, 2017.

5. Do I need to sign up two different accounts in Connect if I have more than one child at WSHS?
No, one account will allow access to both children.

6. Do you provide laptops for students that they can take home?
No, school laptops can be provided but must be returned at the end of each school day.

7. Connect allows me to communicate with my child’s teacher and/or year coordinator. However, there are personal questions relating to my child which I prefer to send to a particular teacher or year coordinator without sending to the whole group. What's the best way to do it?
A personal email would be the best way of corresponding.

8. Is the Mac book computer system the only one that can be used at school?
Students are able to use other platforms, although there is a risk that some devices are less compatible with our network. Tablets such as an Ipad are a cheaper option but may more limited in their application to classroom requirements.

9. What is the school policy on mobile phones?
Students are permitted to bring mobile phones to school.  They must not use mobile phones in the classroom without teacher permission and that will be only for educational purposes. Students may use their phones during breaks, however, taking photos or video of other students and staff is prohibited without permission from the person to be photographed or videoed.

Note: Students using a phone during class will have that phone confiscated and it can be picked up after school from Student Services. If this occurs for a second time, the parent has to make arrangements to pick up the phone.

10. Do students have access to their mobile laptop/mobile device during recess and lunch? If not who looks after them?
Students can use mobile phones and laptops but we strongly encourage social interaction and physical activities at recess and lunch.  If students need to use their laptop for assignment work during these times, they can go to the library. Students need to take responsibility for their own mobile devices. It is highly recommended that they do not leave these items in their school bags outside classrooms as theft is a community problem from which WSHS is not excluded.

11. How often do students use their laptop in class?
This will be dependent upon the subject teacher. We are strongly recommending that staff and students consistently use technology wherever possible for enriched learning experiences.

12. Is the possession of a personal computer/device compulsory and if so for which subjects?
It is not compulsory for students to have a mobile device for learning however it is highly recommended.

13. Which is best device for children, laptop or iPad? 
Laptops have a built-in benefit over tablets, and that benefit is power. As a rule, laptops have more powerful processing hardware, allowing for a wider range of uses, faster performance and better multitasking. Laptops can easily handle common tablet uses—like Web browsing and media streaming—and then go significantly further, with uses ranging from simple data entry to complex tasks like photo and video editing.

14. Is my child required to do homework / research or any form of school work at home on the Laptop? If I have a Windows OS PC will it be sufficient?
As the students will be working from eBooks a laptop will allow access. There will also be times when a homework task may require research and some form of production for assessment. The operating system the student uses at home is not important as staff have access to both window and Mac machines.

15. Do new students need a laptop immediately? When will they be using it?
It would desirable to purchase or make arrangements to borrow a laptop as soon as possible into the school year.