Student Services

A dedicated team of staff provides a supportive culture within the school community to promote the school ethos that everyone has the right to be comfortable and to enable students to reach their potential.

 Do I know who I go to if I

  • arrive late at school?
  • need to leave the school grounds?
  • am being bullied?
  • feel I am being picked on?
  • want to discuss senior school courses?
  • am finding my senior school courses too difficult?
  • am in senior school and want to change my course?
  • need help with my study routine?
  • want to get Senior School Status?
  • feel stressed?
  • have a huge issue I need help with?
  • am feeling unsupported by my friends?
  • am not getting on at home?
  • need first-aid?
  • have a health issue?
  • need spiritual support?
  • need a permission slip or medical form for a social?
  • need  a Smartrider bus pass?
  • need  to apply for a senior school student parking permit?

Roles and Responsibilities

Student Services Deputy Principal
  • A member of the school executive with overall responsibility for student welfare
Student Services Manager supported by Behaviour Management Coordinator
  • Manages the operation of the Student Services Centre
  • Assists students with strategies for effective learning and exam preparation
  • Coordinates the transition program from Years 10 to 11, and Years 11 to 12
  • Coordinates the Year 12 Competency Education program
  • Works closely with the Student Services Deputy and Year Coordinators on all matters to do with student behaviour and social and emotional development
Year Coordinators

Where possible, Year Coordinators remain with the same group from Years 7 to 12. In this way, a closer relationship is established between the students, parents and the coordinator.

  • Responsible for the pastoral care of students by offering advice and support in all aspects of school life including subjects, study, social and family concerns
  • Provides leadership and direction to the year group via Student Councillors
  • Coordinates weekly assemblies and social events such as the school ball
  • Encourages students to participate in school and community events
  • Liaises with parents about academic, social and emotional issues concerning students
SAER (Students at Educational Risk)
  • Identifies underachieving students and those who have learning difficulties
  • Offers one to one support to students
  • Contributes to the improvement of literacy standards in the school
  • Assesses opportunities and devises programs to help students at risk
  • Supports students and parents in time of need
  • Supports a caring consciousness within the school and a bridge for young people from school to local churches
School Nurse
  • Identifies students who may have health problems which affect them in school
  • Prepares care plans and procedures to manage health problems
  • Provides health education for students, staff and parents and health promotions
  • Is a resource for students, staff and parents and provides links to outside agencies
School Psychologist
  • Mental health and well-being:
    • Provides direct support for students experiencing mental health and well-being difficulties
    • Assists the school and children to maximise development of positive mental health and well-being
  • Learning:
    • Where appropriate, conducts assessments of students experiencing learning difficulties and/or disabilities at school
    • Supports the school in making appropriate curriculum adjustments for students in order to enhance their learning outcomes
  • Behaviour:
    • Works with students, parents and the school to identify and change target behaviours at the individual, group and systemic level

Student Services Centre

  • Most team members are housed in the Student Services Centre, there is a staff member on duty from 8.00am to 4.15pm Monday to Friday
  • The Chaplain and Community Health Nurse are located in the Health Centre, the Centre is open from 8.00am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday
  • Students who are unwell must initially access the First-aid Officer for assessment and treatment, they will then notify parents
  • Students must not go directly to class if they are late to school, they should report to the Student Services Centre to sign in
  • Students who need to leave the school grounds during the day must obtain a permission slip from Student Services before they can leave
  • Students can access career and course counselling; help with planning and organisation; behaviour management and personal guidance from members of the Student Services Team

Concerns or Suggestions

Student Services looks for ways of improving our support to students, parents and the community.

If you have concerns or suggestions regarding the functioning of the Student Services Team, please contact us. We welcome your feedback.

Contact List

Deputy Principal

Phil Sherwood

9334 7243

Year Coordinators 2019

Year 7 - Sandra Frew

9334 7254

Year 8 - Judy Gauci

9334 7231

Year 9 - Michael Ialacci

9334 7259

Year 10 - Rachel Harrington

9334 7260

Year 11- Kimberley Atkinson

9334 7258

Year 12 - Andrea Wheeler (On leave)

9334 7255

Student Management

Lana Warner-Gillon 

(On leave)

9334 7264

Colleen Hayes

9334 7232

Students at Educational Risk 9334 7245

Keith Burridge (Tues - Thu)

Lynda Jovanou (Mon-Thu)

Chaplain 9334 7242

Louise Ryan  

9334 7242

Chris Field

9334 7242


School Nurses/First Aid 9334 7278

Nicole Norris

Mon, Tues & alternative Thurs 8.00am-3.30pm


Vanessa Castel

Wed/Fri 8.00am-3.30pm


Andy Cheung

(First Aid Officer)

Mon-Fri 8.00am-3.00pm

9334 7230

Student Services Office Manager/Events Coordinator

Giselle Legg

9334 7271

Student Services Reception

Kathryn Young

9334 7288

Amanda Bentley (Wed-Fri)

9334 7256

Sara Palmer (Mon-Tues)

9334 7256