Selecting Courses, Subjects and VET Qualifications

The delivery of a comprehensive and appropriate curriculum is managed by the Curriculum, Timetabling and Operations team.

The process of establishing the make-up of the school's academic offerings begins in late Term 1 and by mid Term 2 Years 7 to 9 students will have indicated their preferences for the following year. Senior school preparation begins in June and the incoming Year 7 process happens during our Transition days.

The discussion with Year 10 students entering Year 11 begins in late Term 2 and it is important that students and parents participate fully in the process. In June/July students moving from Year 11 into 12 will begin consideration of their options for the final year of study. It is crucial that well informed, realistic and timely decisions are made in order to achieve the best outcomes in Year 12.  Students and parents are encouraged to make an early beginning to exploring and planning post high school opportunities. 

Specific information on a student's study in a learning area and course curriculum matters  can be obtained from the Heads of Learning Areas. General questions about the process or timetable can be directed to Miss Christine Petersen. Questions about the rules and requirements for the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) and entry to further study or can be directed to Ms Maura Sorrell, Ms Lana Warner-Gillon or Mrs Sue Holland in the case of VET. Decision Time: Pathways to Success program at Willetton Senior High School is designed to assist Year 10 students with course selection for Year 11.