Senior School Course Counselling

Decision Time: Pathways to Success Moving from Year 10 to 11

Decision Time: Pathways to Success program at Willetton Senior High School is designed to assist Year 10 students with their course selection for Year 11.

A parent information session is held in late July at the start of Term 3. It is designed to provide current information about Year 11 and 12 courses and available options as well as the requirements for entry to University, State Training Providers (TAFE) and the workforce. Individual interviews with students and parents are then arranged with one of the Course Counsellors during Weeks 3 to 5 of Term 3. Details regarding online bookings for these interviews are released at the time.

During the last three weeks of Term 2, Year 10 students receive a Decision Time booklet, a Year 11 Curriculum Handbook, a Selection Card and Student Guide, a Job Guide and a document wallet in which to store this information.

The Student Guide for Year 10 to 11 asks students to make initial course choices and then to follow up with teachers to consider their capacity to manage the course in Year 11. Students will be expected to bring these recommendations to their interviews in Term 3. Armed with information from this Student Guide and the Semester 1 report, we feel confident that students, with their parents, will make realistic course choices based on interest and ability. 

Any queries about the Decision Time: Pathways to Success program should be addressed to either Maura Sorrell or Lana Warner-Gillon in the Student Services Centre on 9334 7200.