Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer (AIEO)

The Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer has a significant role in supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in their schooling.

In particular the role entails:

  • Supporting students at risk by arranging mentoring and pastoral care to encourage achievement and participation
  • Assisting with training students in self-management in life skills
  • Helping provide timely information to parents on relevant school procedures and policies
  • Assisting teachers and the Student Services team to culturally and educationally provide opportunities for development
  • Consulting with agencies to further the educational welfare of the student and their family
  • Supporting the Student Services Manager in developing and liaising with parents on Documented Plans
  • Providing knowledge and understanding of the history, language and culture within the classroom and community to foster respect and harmony, when requested

Nathan Barrow 

At present on leave

Monday & Wednesday

Email: nathan.barrow@education.wa.edu.au
Phone: 9334 7283