Year Coordinators 2020

Year Coordinators are appointed to a Year 7 group and, where possible, remain with the same group from Year 7 to 12. In this way, a close relationship is established between the students, parents and the coordinator. 

The Year Coordinator;

  • is responsible for the pastoral care of students by offering advice and support in all aspects of school life including course, study, social and family concerns
  • provides leadership and direction to the year group through Student Councillors
  • coordinates weekly assemblies and social events such as the school ball
  • encourages students to participate in school and community events
  • liaises with parents about student academic, social and emotional issues

Jayson Bignoux - Year 7


Phone: 9334 7260

Judith Fapani - Year 8

Colleen Hayes (On leave)


Phone: 9334 7255

Sandra Frew - Year 9

Phone: 9334 7254

Judy Gauci - Year 10

Phone: 9334 7258

Michael Ialacci - Year 11

Phone: 9334 7259

Kimberley Atkinson - Year 12

Phone: 9334 7231