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Year 8

Year 9

Year 10



To provide a wide-ranging, entertaining, high-quality course of study in Art and Design for students who display talent and enthusiasm for art.

Art Extension commences at Year 8 level and continues until the completion of Year 10. Students will then have the opportunity to select Art as a senior school Course of Study leading to University and/or TAFE.

This program is designed to extend students’ creativity, enhance their ability to express themselves through their art and to provide a solid background for those wishing to continue higher education, seek employment in an art field or begin a small business or constructively use their leisure time. 

Art Extension

Each year Willetton Senior High School will award places to 25 successful applicants entering Year 8.


The extension program, commencing in Year 8 involves two hours of tuition per week in each semester from Years 8 to 10. 

Students will also have the opportunity to select from a range of other art subjects as well as electives from other learning areas.

Course Outline

The course is taught by a variety of specialist teachers.

The areas of drawing, design, painting, printmaking and sculpture will be used as a medium for students to develop skills, express their own ideas and respond to the art of others. All students are encouraged to initiate learning and reach their full potential in areas of interest. Students will use the latest technology and learn to appreciate the historical place of art in our society.

Selection Criteria

Students in Year 7 are given the opportunity to sit a drawing test. Selection is based on demonstrated skill and talent, a positive attitude and interest in art. Continuation in the course is subject to annual review with all students being expected to demonstrate appropriate levels of behaviour, organisational skills and attitude.


This program is only available to students who live within the school boundaries or to students who gain entry through the Gifted and Talented program, or the Basketball specialist program.