Competency Education

Competency Education is a 27 hour program unique to Willetton Senior High School, designed to address the particular needs of Year 12 students.

This course is timetabled one hour per week and is a compulsory component of the Year 12 program. It to teaches both key understandings to assist the transition from school and life skills or competencies to promote the well being of students.

 During the year, students are provided with;

  • a portfolio
  • a career assessment

The students also receive information about;

  • the academic requirements for meeting WACE 
  • strategies for maximising learning opportunities
  • assistance in managing State Training Provider (TAFE) and University applications
  • School Curriculum and Standards Authority enrolments and examination information

Experts from outside the school are employed to provide the most current information and best possible support for students on a range of topics including;

  • goal setting and personal development
  • resiliency and strategies for problem solving
  • promotion of physical, emotional and mental health
  • driver safety and tips on purchasing a car

Each year the Competency Education staff work with the Year 12 students to review the course to ensure that it remains relevant and provides maximum advantages in a competitive environment.