Our school library opens from 7:45am to 5:00pm Monday to Thursday and to 3:00pm on Friday.

Telephone: 9334 7208

We encourage the senior students to take advantage of these extended hours straight after school to reduce their homework burden and to consult staff who will be available. All students are able to participate and the usual standard of library behaviour is expected which will ensure that it is a quiet working space for students wanting to do serious study.

The current schedule is:

Wednesdays -  writing workshop for Year 11 and 12 students 
Wednesdays -  senior Gifted and Talented study group 
Thursdays     -  WACE mathematics tuition

The school library is an important hub for students. Its goal is to support all teaching and learning programs and to ensure the information needs of students are met. Libraries maintain an indepth knowledge of literature and improvement of student literacy. The library touches the learning experience of every student in the school. It provides a large range of both traditional and modern research tools, resources and references that can be used for research, study or leisure activities. 

A comfortable reading area has been set aside near the fiction section for quiet reading by classes or individuals. The library houses more than 40 computers that can be used for personal research before school, at recess (except Friday) and at lunch time. The use of computers after school must be such as to maintain a quiet study environment. At all times students doing school work take precendent.

Students use their Smartrider card for library borrowing. New cards can be ordered through Student Services. If students prefer, they can purchase a library borrowing card for $2.50 and use this instead of their Smartrider card.