School Board

The Willetton Senior High School (Willetton SHS) Board is a vibrant and professionally run organisation dedicated to assisting the education of our children, fostering the ethos of the wider school community and supporting the school in all matters which positively influence the development of students.

The School Board has a very close involvement in the decision-making process of the school and through the Board parents are able to offer opinions and advice to the Principal and staff on a range of matters. Parent input is well accepted by the school and results in practical improvements to its operations and the outcomes it achieves. The Board can be contacted via Mrs Helen Wong - telephone 9334 7217 (not Tuesday) or email

The Willetton SHS Board also involves itself in broader educational issues through meetings with Members of Parliament, the Department of Education and others relevant to the education and well-being of our children.

WA Secondary School of the Year Scholarship

It is with great pleasure that we announce the WA Secondary School of the Year Scholarship for 2017 is jointly awarded to Corey Rynvis and Dev Venugopal.


We congratulate the following students who were shortlisted as finalists for this scholarship – Harry Hall, Peyton Longbottom, Rachel Miller, Emily Ong and Jean Tan. Continue to make the most of the opportunities offered to you at school.

Both Dev and Corey will do themselves, their families and their school proud throughout the next five years and beyond, and we congratulate them on an exemplary start to high school.


The Principal

Staff Representative

Mr Chris Booth

Ms Jenny LeSouef (Vice Chairperson)

Parent Representatives

Ms Rachel Harrington

Mrs Karen Allen

Mrs Sharee Seeburuth

Dr Paola Chivers (Vice Chairperson)

Ms Charmaine Smith

Mrs Jo Collier


Mr Simon Lappin (Chairperson)

Community Representatives

Dr Tele Tan 

Mr Jeremy Chetty

Mrs Liz Vuleta

Ms Kailee Marshall

Ex officio Members

Mr Colin Marshall (Associate Principal)

Mr Jega Jegathesan (Manager Corporate services) 

Mrs Helen Wong (Board Executive Officer)

Ms Avril Campbell (Board Administrative Assistant)