School Board

The School Board is a vibrant and professionally run organisation dedicated to assisting the education of our children, fostering the ethos of the wider school community and supporting the school in all matters which positively influence the development of students.

The Board can be contacted via Mrs Helen Wong - telephone 9334 7217 (not Tuesday) or email

The Board is also involved in contributing to broader educational issues through meetings with Members of Parliament, the Department of Education and others relevant to the education and well-being of our children.



Staff Representatives

Mr Trevor Hunter

Ms Rianda Clemons

Parent Representatives

Ms Judith Fapani

Dr Paola Chivers (Chairperson)

Ms Judy Gauci

Mrs Jo Collier (Vice Chairperson)

Mrs Jenny LeSouef (Staff Vice Chair)

Mr Wayne Nurse

Community Respresentatives

Mr Chris Phillips (Chair, Partnerships Committee)

Ms Shezah Arif


Prof Tele Tan 

Ms Trudi McGlade

Mr John Yeo

Ms Keryn McKinnon

Ex officio Members 

Mr Colin Marshall (Associate Principal)

Mr Jega Jegathesan (Manager Corporate services) 

Mrs Helen Wong (Board Executive Officer)