Project Funding Allocations

Funding for activities to enhance the educational outcomes for our students comes from the voluntary School Board Levy, as well as revenue sources such as the second hand book and uniform shops.

Entertainment Books

Proceeds from the sale of Entertainment Books go to fund the Board initiated Student Leadership Development Program.  To order your book or digital membership, go to

Projects funded annually:

Year 7 Special Grants

Year 7 Big Day Out (Student Services)

Caversham Wildlife Park Excursion (Languages)

WA Secondary School of the Year Scholarship – for Year 8

Ros Davis Endeavour Awards – for Years 9 and 10

End of Year Lower School Merit Excursion (Student Services)

Year 12 Senior Status Badges (Student Services)

Year 12 Art Purchases (The Arts)

Year 12 Graduation (Student Services)

Student Leadership Development Program

Duke of Edinburgh Program (Extracurricular)

Additional Projects Funded:





Parent Information Talk (EALD)

Reading Promotion Program (English)

Plastic sleeves for Trading Cards Club (Extracurricular)

Cinderella Enchanted (The Arts)

Motivational Mutimedia Presentation (Student Services)

New Student BBQ (Student Services)

Games for Board Games Club (Extracurricular)

Board Games Club (Extracurricular)

Reading Promotion Program (English)

Movie Tickets Merit Rewards (Student Services)

Casio Graphic CAS Class Pads (Resource Unit)

Installation of Video Wall (Physical Education)

Cyberbusters Presentation (Student Services)

Lower School Merit BBQ (Student Services)

Printing costs for Cool Crops Cookery Book (Resource Unit)

Mental Health Youth Forum (Student Services)

Japanese Teaching Assistant Internship (Languages)

5 Shelf Convection Incubator (Science)

Willo All Stars (whole school)

The Big Splash - Dolphin Structure (The Arts)

Kelba KOCS-L Digital Hanging Scales (Science and Technologies)

Gel Electrophoresis Chambers (Science)


New Student BBQ

(Student Services)

Basketball Backboard Fabrication & Winches


Willetton Bridge Building Club (Extracurricular)

Greenhouse (Science)


Lower School Merit BBQ

(Student Services)

Duke of Edinburgh Tents (Extracurricular)

Interact Club Badges (Extracurricular)

iPads (Resource Unit)

 Movie Tickets Merit Rewards (Student Services)


Poetry Club (English/Extracurricular)

Casio Scientific Calculators (Maths)


Laser Cutter



Movie Tickets Merit Rewards (Student Services)

Timpani (The Arts)



Lower School Merit BBQ (Student Services)

Audio Equipment (HPE)




Mirror Panelling (HPE)




Motivational Mutimedia Presentation (Student Services)




Willo All Stars (whole school)




Peer Leader Training (Student Services)




Drama Club (Extracurricular/The Arts)




Lifeskill Employment Training (Resource Unit)




Lower School Merit Badges (Student Services)




Stratasys Mojo 3D Printer (Technologies)




Interact Club (Extracurricular)