Student Essentials

Canteen Layout

Canteen Information

Before School –  7.30am-8.30am

  • Window 4  – Ordering: Pre-purchasing food and drink items for pickup at lunch and recess time.
  • Window 4 – Purchasing: Various drinks and snacks available.


Recess and Lunch – 10.45am to 11.15am and Lunch: 1.15pm to 1.45pm

  • Window 1 – Years 7 and 8: purchasing of all hot/cold food and drink items (excluding ice creams)
  • Window 2 – Years 9 and 10: purchasing of all hot/cold food and drink items (excluding ice creams).
  • Window 3 – Years 11 and 12: purchasing of all hot/cold food and drink items (excluding ice creams).
  • Window 4 – All students: pick up pre ordered food and drink items.
  • Window 5 – All students: purchasing only ice creams, hot/cold drinks and snacks.

Things to Consider

  • Where possible pre-order preferred recess and lunch food and drink items to avoid long waiting times and missing out on favourite foods
  • Don’t forget to check out daily specials
  • The centre lane at every window is for staff and Learning and Curriculum Support students only
  • See one of our friendly staff members who can assist with dietry options.
  • The canteen must comply with strict rules of the Department of Education – these guidelines are known as the Traffic Light System


G –  Green Foods: We encourage you to eat more of these healthier food items such as fresh salads, sandwiches and wraps, rolls, rice etc

A –  Amber Foods: We encourage you to moderate these food items to twice a week eg pastry items

R –  Red Foods: We proudly do not include these items on our menu


On our menu G and A are clearly labelled next to each food item. Please think carefully about food choices
Our canteen serves a wide choice of fresh and healthy meal options



You are what you eat! So…

  • Choose healthy
  • Eat healthy
  • Stay healthy