Health Resources

Student Essentials

Health Resources

Students needing guidance about health issues or having concerns for others should contact their Year Coordinator or use the anonymous help email for support.


2021 Year Coordinators

Jayson Bignoux – Year 7
Phone: 9334 7260

Colleen Hayes – Year 8
Phone: 9334 7255

Sandra Frew – Year 9
Phone: 9334 7254

Judy Gauci – Year 10
Phone: 9334 7258

Michael Ialacci – Year 11
Phone: 9334 7259

Kimberley Atkinson – Year 12
Phone: 9334 7231

Headspace: Learn about mental health challenges and ways to maintain a healthy headspace.

Lifeline: No person in Australia has to face their darkest moments alone.

Kids Helpline: To help you with anything.


SchoolTV: For practical ongoing support strategies.

Family Support Network: Delivering a coordinated family support service.