Financial Assistance

Finance for Parents

Financial Assistance

The Secondary Assistance Scheme (SAS) is available to assist eligible families with secondary schooling costs for students in Years 7 to 12.  This allowance consists of two components:


  • $235 Education Program Allowance paid directly to the school
  • $115 Clothing Allowance paid to the parent or the school


Secondary Assistance Scheme (SAS) is available to holders of Centrelink Health Care, Pensioner Concession or Veterans’ Affairs Pensioner Concession Cards who meet the eligibility criteria.


Applications forms can be downloaded below.  Applications for Secondary Assistance Scheme (SAS) can be made in person at the school by the cardholder, or emailed through to, provided the applicant includes a copy of both sides of their concession card with their application.  Applications close on Thursday 28 March 2024.  


The Education Program Allowance ($235) is paid directly to the school and applied to program charges in the first instance, with any residual to be applied to Voluntary Contributions for Years 7-10.  For those parents/guardians who elect to direct their Uniform Allowance ($115) to the school, these funds will also be deducted from the compulsory charges first and then voluntary contributions for Years 7-10.


Parents must apply for Secondary Assistance Scheme (SAS) each school year (annually) – applications do not carry forward to future years.


Willetton SHS is aware that the payment of C&VC can be a burden for some families. Therefore, families experiencing financial difficulties/hardship are urged to make contact with the Finance Office as soon as possible to discuss payment plan options.  Disregarding accounts and reminders is unhelpful to all parties and prevents the school from being able to assist you.


Please contact the Finance office by emailing or by telephoning 9334 7200.