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School Board

The School Board is a vibrant and professionally run organisation dedicated to assisting the education of our children, fostering the ethos of the wider school community and supporting the school in all matters which positively influence the development of students.


The Board can be contacted via Mrs Kathryn Young, or telephone 9334 7200.


The Board is also involved in contributing to broader educational issues through meetings with Members of Parliament, the Department of Education and others relevant to the education and well-being of our children.


Meet our 2023 Board Members.

Board Membership 2023

PrincipalStaff Representatives
Mr Trevor HunterMs Louise Eksteen
Parent RepresentativesMr Erik Pretorius (Secretary)
Mr David Harwood (Chairperson)Mr Jordan Newton
Mr Wayne Nurse (Treasurer)Community Representatives
Ms Rasha AbdelmonemMr Michael Lee
Mr Chris PhillipsMr Andrew Tan
Mr Deepak SharmaMr Arun Thavasi
Mr Divakar Subramaniam
Ex officio Members
Ms Sacha Bradley (Associate Principal)
Ms Karina Surmon (Manager Corporate Services)
Mrs Kathryn Young (Board Executive Officer)

Meeting Dates 2023

Meeting will run from 5:30 – 7:30pm




TERM 13Wednesday
15 February
School Board meetingConference room
22 March
School Board Annual Public Meeting (APM)
• Chairperson’s Annual Report
• Annual Finance Report
• Election of office bearers
Staff Room
29 March
School Board meeting
• Funding applications – round 1
Conference room
TERM 23Wednesday
3 May
School Board meetingConference room
14 June
School Board meeting
• Appointment of community reps
• Funding applications – round 2
Conference room
TERM 33Wednesday
2 August
School Board meetingConference room
6 September
School Board meeting
• Funding applications - round 3
Conference room
TERM 43Wednesday
25 October
School Board meeting – approval of School Budget

Conference room
29 November
School Board meetingConference room

Annual Chair Report 2022

View the 2022 WSHS Annual Chair Report here

Project Funding Allocations

Funding for activities to enhance the educational outcomes for our students comes from the sale of Entertainment Memberships, as well as revenue sources such as the second hand book and uniform shops.


Entertainment Memberships

Proceeds from the sale of Entertainment Memberships go to fund the Board initiated Student Leadership Development Program. Feedback from students who have benefitted from the leadership program include:

  • The leadership program means alot to me because of the confidence it gave me, inspiring me to take on a variety of leadership roles thorught the year. The leadership activities have subjected me to new experiences which have helped me grow as a leader
  • We learnt at the conference that as young leaders, we need to begin making changes in the real world. We need to find solutions to probems and we need to work with others to put these solutions into action.
  • The motivating speeches and amazing presentation at the conference all impacted us greatly, causing everyone to come to grips with a long task that we as future leaders have ahead, and learning how to be a leader the world needs.


To order your digital membership, go to



Projects funded annually:

  • Year 7 Special Grants
  • WA Secondary School of the Year Scholarship – for Year 8
  • Ros Davis Endeavour Awards – for Years 8, 9 and 10
  • Year 12 Art Purchases (The Arts)
  • Year 12 Graduation (Student Services)
  • Student Leadership Development Program
  • Duke of Edinburgh Program (Extracurricular)
  • School Chaplaincy
  • School Musical/Production

Second-hand Bookshop

Year 11 and 12 students are invited to bring in their textbooks and other items (such as class pads, study guides) for sale at the second hand bookshop.  Books are accepted on a consignment basis, with a 20% commission taken by the School Board.  Payment for all items sold will be made by cheque, by April each year.


Please note that due to the learning area requirements and the release of new edition books, not all your current books will be on the new booklist and may not be sold.
Books should be brought in as soon as possible so that we can determine what we can sell for you.  Your books will be priced at half to two thirds the price of a new book, depending on their condition.


Items for sale must be placed in a bag together with the completed bookshop consignment form and dropped off at the bookshop (preferred drop off point) or front office. The bookshop consignment form can be downloaded from the school website, or obtained from the front office, School Board office or bookshop.


Year 10 & Year 11 students are invited to visit the second hand bookshop to purchase your Year 11 and Year 12 booklist requirements. Many of the textbooks are half to two thirds the price of new textbooks, presenting substantial savings. Also available for purchase are second hand calculators and class pads, study guides, math-o-matts, and language dictionaries.


Trading Times during school term
Wednesdays 9.00am-11.30am


Located in room B23, next to the canteen undercover area 


Eftpos facilities are now available at the second hand bookshop. Cheques should be made payable to Willetton Senior High School Board. Please include your driver’s licence details on the back of the cheque.


For further information, contact the bookshop on 9334 7282 during opening hours or Kathryn Young on 9334 7200.

Second-hand Uniform Shop

The Second-hand Uniform Shop is run under the auspices of the School Board and is staffed by volunteers. It is located at the front of the Performing Arts Centre Theatre.


Due to exams, the Second hand Uniform Shop will be closed this Wednesday 20 September.  It will re-open next Term.


Trading Times during school term
Wednesdays 9.15am-11.15am


Located in the Performing Arts Centre

Donations of all reasonable quality Willetton SHS uniforms are gratefully accepted, and can be dropped off at the front administration office or School Board office during school hours, or directly to the uniform shop during trading times.

No eftpos facilities are available at the second hand uniform shop. Payment is by cash or cheque only. Cheques should be made payable to Willetton Senior High School Board. Please include your driver’s licence details on the back of the cheque.