Learning and Curriculum Support


Learning and Curriculum Support

The Learning and Curriculum Support team oversees learning for students who have a diagnosed disability, as well as students who require additional academic support. Part of Student Services, the team consists of experienced teaching staff and education assistants.


The Year 7 Foundation Program is targeted at students who are entering high school with significant gaps in their learning. The program aims to support the social, emotional and academic transition of Year 7s as they move into the secondary phase of their school journey. The Foundation English course across Years 7 -9 is tailored toward intensive support of students who struggle with the basic mastery of English concepts. This program is supported by a Literacy Fundamentals course which is targeted toward those students who have a diagnosed language disorder, such as dyslexia.


The teaching team is assisted by highly skilled Education Assistants who support students with Autism Spectrum Diagnosis (ASD), anxiety and depression, intellectual disability, hearing impairment, vision impairment and physical disability to achieve their educational goals.


In addition to formal learning programs, the team works closely with classroom teachers to identify underachieving students and those who are experiencing learning and organisational difficulties. The provision of one to one study skills and other support contributes to the improvement of literacy standards across the broader school community.


The Learning and Curriculum Support team prides itself on embedding inclusive practices into all learning programs. This enables students to achieve to the best of their ability through providing an environment where all students feel safe and encouraged to learn.