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Examination Information

Examination and other Schedules – The latest editions of these documents will be made available as they are released. Please check the date of the version to ensure the most current information.


Information for Students Sitting Senior School Examinations


  1. Students are to wear school uniform to all examinations and dress in consideration of the weather.
  2.  Personal belongings should not be brought to school and may not be taken into the examination room. Only pens/pencils, erasers, rulers and calculators as approved for the specific examination on that day may be taken into the examination room. (Refer to your teacher for details of what is approved for each examination.)
  3. Items not allowed include: bags, mobile phones, electronic devices (unless allowed in specific exams – such as a calculator), watches, headphones, dictionaries, wallets/purses, pencil cases, computers, food stuffs (except water), cushions, blankets and any other item not directly associated with the examination. Water may be taken in to the examination provided it is in a clear container with no labels attached.

4. Any student requesting special conditions for the examinations must make an application with Student Services by the advertised due dates for each examination period. Arrangements for special considerations will be communicated directly with candidates.

5. Students are to check the Examination Board outside of the Performing Arts Theatre and move to the designated room for their exam at least 15 minutes before the time specified for commencement of the examination. The group is to queue ready to enter when instructed to do so by the supervisor.

6. Students must take great care in reading their examination timetable and must bring their personalised examination timetable with them to each exam. No compensatory time is allowed for students who come late to an examination. Students will not be allowed to enter more than 30 minutes after reading time begins.

7. Students are not to enter the examination room before instructed to do so. Students with special seating conditions are to be ready to identify themselves to the supervisor when they arrive.

8. Answer booklets, writing paper and paper for notes/working out are provided.

9. All examinations begin with reading time of 5 or 10 minutes. Students are only to read in this time and may not highlight, underline, make notes or use a calculator or other items during this period.

10. Students must observe any rules or requirements stated on the covers of examination papers.

11. Students must observe all instructions given by supervisors.

12. Talking or any communication between candidates is strictly forbidden during examinations. Students requiring the attention of a supervisor should raise their arm to attract attention. Breach of this rule is a serious offence and may lead to a penalty such as disqualification.

13. Students who have an exceptional reason to have a break may ask to leave the room in the company of a supervisor. A student who leaves without permission will not be permitted to re-enter.

14. In the case of absence for any reason, contact the Program Coordinator: Operations and advise them of the reason. Students unable to attend an examination due to illness must obtain a medical certificate covering the period of absence from the examination/s. Medical certificates must be presented to the Program Coordinator as soon as possible.