Finance for Parents

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Finance for Parents

By December of each year families receive their proposed Charges and Voluntary Contributions for the upcoming year.  This allows families to review proposed courses of study and costs payable for the upcoming year. Once the school timetable grid has been set, usually by March the following year, families will receive their confirmed Charges and Voluntary Contribution.


The School Education Act 1999, School Education Regulations 2000 and Department of Education policies establish that schools can request $235 in Voluntary Contributions in Years 7 to 10 (exceptions being certain visa categories). Although these are Voluntary Contributions, these contributions allow our teaching staff to enrich their core programs with vital education resources over and above that which are supplied by the Department of Education. Extra cost optional courses outside the set $235 core program incur additional charges. All courses of study undertaken in Years 11 and 12 incur compulsory charges.


Our current receipting system, which is supported by the DoE, is limited to having only one person listed as the nominated fees biller. The nominated fees biller is the person responsible for coordinating payments

Families will receive monthly Reminders of Unpaid Billing Items, after which, charges outstanding will roll over to future years and may also be referred for collection, in August of each year, to an outside agency.


If a student is enrolled at Willetton for only a proportion of the school year, or changes subjects, Charges and Contributions are adjusted accordingly.


Families are encouraged to make payment for their student’s 2024 Charges and Voluntary Contributions as soon as possible, with  full payment finalised 28 March 2024 .  Preferred payment method for Charges and Voluntary Contributions is via Qkr!™


For enquiries, please contact the Finance Office via email or by telephoning 9334 7200.


Payment Methods


Payment Plan are also an option available to families and can be commenced immediately. Please download a Payment Plan Application from the school website, complete and return to the Finance Office note plans should be paid in full by 28 June 2024.



Qkr! How to Guide



An online consent and payment facility for school excursions and incursions. Parents will receive invitations by email.


Credit card and eftpos facilities are available at the Finance Office.

Financial Assistance

The Secondary Assistance Scheme (SAS) is available to assist eligible families with secondary schooling costs for students in Years 7 to 12.  This allowance consists of two components:


  • $235 Education Program Allowance paid directly to the school
  • $115 Clothing Allowance paid to the parent or the school


Secondary Assistance Scheme (SAS) is available to holders of Centrelink Health Care, Pensioner Concession or Veterans’ Affairs Pensioner Concession Cards who meet the eligibility criteria.


Applications forms can be downloaded below.  Applications for Secondary Assistance Scheme (SAS) can be made in person at the school by the cardholder, or emailed through to, provided the applicant includes a copy of both sides of their concession card with their application.  Applications close on Thursday 28 March 2024.  


The Education Program Allowance ($235) is paid directly to the school and applied to program charges in the first instance, with any residual to be applied to Voluntary Contributions for Years 7-10.  For those parents/guardians who elect to direct their Uniform Allowance ($115) to the school, these funds will also be deducted from the compulsory charges first and then voluntary contributions for Years 7-10.


Parents must apply for Secondary Assistance Scheme (SAS) each school year (annually) – applications do not carry forward to future years.


Willetton SHS is aware that the payment of C&VC can be a burden for some families. Therefore, families experiencing financial difficulties/hardship are urged to make contact with the Finance Office as soon as possible to discuss payment plan options.  Disregarding accounts and reminders is unhelpful to all parties and prevents the school from being able to assist you.


Please contact the Finance office by emailing or by telephoning 9334 7200.


Booklists and Personal Items

The Personal Items Booklists below outline resources needed for each year group in the coming school year.


Please only purchase resources for the subjects your child is enrolled in. 


A diary will be supplied to ALL students.


Parents who choose to purchase from Campion will be assisting the school.  Items can be purchased from any store that stock the required items.


2024 Personal Items Booklist


Campion online ordering link Code: PQBW

School Uniforms

We are proud of our school uniform which has been worn by thousands of students.


Staff, parents and students have participated in the refinement of the uniform so that it has moved with the times while retaining links to the school’s early days. Uniform requirements our outlined in our School Uniform policy.


To assist students maintain their standard of dress, Student Services has items for use in emergencies and the parents also run a secondhand uniform shop once a week.



Our uniforms are available from UNIFORM CONCEPTS, 30 Kembla Way, Willetton phone 9270 4669.


 If your child needs to try on a uniform you are strongly encouraged to make an appointment to avoid long wait times.


Uniform Price List and Order Form



The Second-hand Uniform Shop is run under the auspices of the School Board and is staffed by volunteers. It is located at the front of the Performing Arts Centre Theatre.



Wednesdays                                       9.15am-11.15am


Located in the PAC


No eftpos facilities are available at the second hand uniform shop. Payment is by cash or cheque only. Cheques should be made payable to Willetton Senior High School Board. Please include your driver’s licence details on the back of the cheque.

Charges and Voluntary Contributions

Voluntary Contributions – Years 7 to 10

The maximum contribution that can be requested of parents towards the cost of a standard educational program which satisfies the requirements of the curriculum framework in Years 7-10 is $235. Recipients eligible to receive Secondary Assistance Scheme have the $235 deducted from the voluntary contributions in line with government policy.


Compulsory Charges – Years 7 to 10

Electives vary in cost from approximately $5 to $250. If the more expensive electives are chosen, Charges and Voluntary Contributions are likely to be greater than $235. Expensive electives are termed extra cost optional components. Where extra cost optional components are selected, an additional compulsory charge will apply. The school may ask for a 50% confirmation charge for high cost electives.


Extra cost optional components refer to;

  • elective courses of study which have a high cost associated with provision, such as high cost electives in Specialist programs
  • enrichment activities in any course for which there is a high cost associated with their provisions, such as excursions, camps
  • Other optional school-based activities which address broad learning outcomes and for which there is a high cost, such as school and social events
  • Yearbook


Participation in the above components is voluntary but a compulsory charge is payable if the student participates.


Compulsory Charges – Years 11 & 12

In Years 11 and 12 all course charges are compulsory.

Recipients eligible to receive the Secondary Assistance Scheme will have the $235 deducted from the Charges. Charges for all courses are compulsory. The school may ask for a 50% confirmation charge for high cost courses to assist with planning of timetables and the deployment of staff.


There may be additional optional extra costs for;

  • enrichment activities in any course such as excursions or camps
  • other optional school-based activities which address broad learning outcomes and for which there is a high cost, such as school and social events such as graduation dinners or schoolballs
  • Yearbook

Course Costs

As mandated by government legislation, a set $235 Voluntary Contribution course of study is available to students in Years 7 to 10 (exceptions being certain visa categories).  Extra cost optional courses outside the set $235 core program incur additional charges.  Charges relate to items that students utilise over and above that which are supplied by the Department of Education. All courses of study undertaken in Years 11 and 12 incur compulsory charges.


Students are encouraged to enrol in a course which is within the family budget.  To this end approved 2024 subject costs are available by clicking on the relevant year group below.  Parents are encouraged to refer to this whenever guiding their student in selecting subjects.


Curriculum information for Course Selection and Handbooks.


Other Optional Costs and Voluntary Approved Contributions

Descriptions of amounts requested from parents to cover Other Optional Costs and Voluntary Approved Requests


Item and DescriptionCost
School Diary

Distributed to all students at the start of the year

Produced and distributed at the beginning of the following year
ICT Support

Running and maintaining our ICT network, software and hardware.

Production of various school brochures, booklets and handouts.
Library Contribution

Library purchases.
Bus Contribution

Running and maintaining the school buses.
Student Facilities

Producing Newsletters and Daily Bulletin; student awards, parent / student presentations; councillor badges etc.
Learning Techniques

Cost dependant on material provided.

Portfolios, Merit rewards, Y10 to Y11 transition materials, Career expo, MYLO materials, study skills information.
Year 7 - $6.00

Year 8 - $2.00

Year 9 - $2.00

Year 10 - $15.00

Year 11 - $6.00

Year 12 - $1.00

Excursions and Incursions

Click on the link below for costings on planned excursions and incursions for 2024.