Student Services

Student Essentials

Student Services

Our Student Services team provides support for the social, emotional and educational wellbeing of all students. The ultimate goal of the Student Services team is to help students reach their full potential.


The team consists of a Deputy Principal, Lower School and Senior School Program Coordinators, Year Coordinators, Chaplains, Nurses, First Aid Officer  and a Teacher in Charge of Learning and Curriculum Support and Psychologists. The team is supported by School Officers.


Year Coordinators

Year Coordinators are appointed to a Year 7 group and, where possible, remain with the same group from Year 7 to 12. In this way, a close relationship is established between the students, parents and the coordinator.


The Year Coordinator;

  • is responsible for the pastoral care of students by offering advice and support in all aspects of school life including course, study, social and family concerns
  • provides leadership and direction to the year group through Student Councillors
  • coordinates weekly assemblies and social events such as the school ball
  • encourages students to participate in school and community events
  • liaises with parents about student academic, social and emotional issues


Guganeshwari Packirisamy – Year 7
Phone: 9334 7258


Kristen Gibson – Year 8


Phone: 9334 7255


Thomas Coe – Year 9
Phone: 9334 7231


Jabe Stillitano – Year 10
Phone: 9334 7260


Kylie Carroll – Year 11
Phone: 9334 7259


Sandra Frew – Year 12
Phone: 9334 7254



The Chaplains are members of the Student Service Team and provide pastoral support for students, staff and parents experiencing difficulty or in need of a listening ear.


The Chaplains are located in B Block.


The Chaplains coordinate and/or facilitate a range of support groups for students:

  • High School Transition
  • Chill Out Zone
  • Girlzone – supporting  girls struggling with anxiety and/or depression
  • Blokes – supporting lower school boys focusing on social/emotional wellbeing
  • Rainbows – Grief and Loss program


Our Chaplains work closely with the Community Health Nurses promoting the following positive messages and events through the year:

  • RU OK Day
  • Bullying No Way
  • Friendship Day
  • Head Space
  • Streetbeat displays
  • Events such as Dodgeball, pancake breakfast, 40 Hour Famine, Operation Christmas Child


The Chaplains may be invited into classes and attend excursions by invitation of the class teacher.


Louise Parish 
Phone: 9334 7242


Bradley Dusting 
Phone: 9334 7242

Student Management

The team works closely with the Student Services Deputy and Year Coordinators on all matters to do with student behaviour and social and emotional development and provides support for students, staff and parents in relation to the education of all students.


Deputy Principal Student Services
Brad Spicer
Phone: 9334 7243


Program Coordinators Student Services

Lana Warner-Gillon – Years 7 and 10
Phone: 9334 7264


Ben Leech – Years 8 and 11
Phone: 9334 7259


Trisha Panikoula – Year 9 and 12
Phone: 9334 7232


Learning Support Program
Mrs Vani Sambhara


Student Attendance & Support Officer
Mrs Amanda Bentley
Phone: 9334 7271

Student Support Programs


Older volunteer students help Year 7 and 8 students in adapting to life at high school supporting them with issues they may experience. Big brothers and sisters are mentored by our chaplains and other trained staff, and Year Coordinators link participants.


MESH (Mentoring and work shadowing)

Volunteer teachers partner with students and meet together on a regular basis to give extra emotional, social and academic support. Student Services personnel and volunteers meet on a regular basis to monitor and plan for student well-being.



Events to support student mental health and well-being are organised by our staff and student committee throughout the year and include R U Ok Day and Harmony Day activities. Student committee representatives are chosen to further develop their leadership qualities.

Health Centre Staff

The Health Centre is staffed by a Community Health Nurse and a qualified first aid assistant.

The Community Health Nurses works closely with the staff in the school to:

  • foster self care
  • encourage students to take responsibility for their own health
  • promote healthy lifestyle choices
  • provide health information and education on an individual and group basis
  • promote the first aid principles and a whole school approach to provision of care
  • assist students with chronic health conditions


Primary health care and health promotion are the basis of community health nursing. The core concepts include

  • promotion of health as a state of physical, social and emotional well-being
  • focus on promotion of healthy life styles, prevention and early intervention
  • identification of community needs
  • participation by individuals and communities in their own health care
  • collaboration across disciplines and agencies to achieve positive health outcomes
  • culturally sensitive services


School facilities allow for the provision of basic first aid only. They are not designed to for sick or injured students to remain at school. Parents/guardians will be notified when students are unable to continue class participation and they will be responsible for transport to home or hospital for care. Ambulance costs are directed to the parents/guardians.


Students are encouraged to limit visits to the nurse to scheduled breaks or before or after school. Their teacher’s permission is required to attend during class times. Appointments are required for non-urgent consultation.


Health Centre Staff – First Aid: 9334 7230

Andy Cheung

Sam Hardcastle

Maddison Zalewski


Community Health Nurses: 9334 7278

Nicole Norris

Rebecca Zalewski

School Psychologists

The School Psychologist assists in improving educational outcomes for our students by providing specialist support in the areas of counselling, learning and behaviour management.


Students wishing to seek support in problem-solving issues may access the School Psychologist directly by making an appointment. Teachers or parents with school-related concerns regarding a student please contact Student Services to discuss referral to the service and/or participate in a collaborative planning meeting to address any concerns.


All contacts with the School Psychologist are treated confidentially unless the person agrees to involve others, or a life-threatening or child protection situation is disclosed.


Our School Psychologists are Helen Devenish, Shannon Doria and Sonja Syslo.