Exchange Programs and Tours


Exchange Programs and Tours


Willetton Senior High School has a long standing and successful sister school relationship with The High school of the University of Hyogo. Each year, students from Willetton visit Hyogo and enjoy a three week home stay with a Japanese family. Students participate in a range of language and cultural activities as well as experience everyday life in a Japanese high school environment.


This visit is reciprocated when students and teachers from Hyogo visit Willetton SHS during August. Students spend time with ‘buddies’ at school learning about Australian school life and stay with a Willetton family for two weeks.



A relationship exists with a college in France, where Willetton Senior High School students experience the joys of French home and school life. Using French in every day settings is a focus of the program. Students from France visit Willetton Senior High School on a reciprocal program, staying with Willetton Senior High School families and experiencing Australian life.



Participating in a home stay in Italy is a key part of the Italian language program. Experiencing life and travel to Rome, Venice and Florence is an exciting opportunity to use the Italian language and gain an understanding of Italy’s rich history. Cultural workshops and language instruction also make up a key part of the program.