Fundraising Policy and Procedures

Willetton Senior High School is committed to maximising the intellectual, creative, physical and social growth of every student. We promote a sense of community and social responsibility and a culture of assisting and helping those less fortunate is a cornerstone of our school. Fundraising for these purposes is of intrinsic value to our students and community and is supported. However, all fundraising activities must also follow the relevant procedures listed below. It also needs to be noted that other relevant requirements such as excursion guidelines may also be required.

Most fundraising dilemmas are typically associated with the collection of funds to provide financial assistance to meet student excursion costs especially those which involve significant travel and accommodation costs. The underlying premise for all excursions to be approved is that they must have a tangible educational benefit to the participating students.

This Policy is designed to guide staff, students and parents in relation to fundraising for charitable purposes and student excursions.

We acknowledge that out of school excursions both interstate and overseas expand a student’s learning, educational outcomes and understanding of the world. With this in mind it needs to be appreciated that many excursions incur significant costs and the issue of related fundraising should have parameters. This will ensure the smooth running of the school and that legal and duty of care requirements are considered and adhered to. It will minimise risk to students, the school’s reputation and teacher liability.

Student excursion costs cannot be deemed to be of a charitable nature and this type of fundraising at school will not be supported with some exceptions which are outlined below.

Historically, for example, the raising of monies for the end of year basketball competition is partly a group effort and is for a significant curriculum activity. Willetton SHS is a Specialist Basketball school and participation in interstate and overseas basketball competition is viewed as integral to elite athletic performance. Some school courses have activities of a small business nature which requires students to raise funds via various business activities. These are dealt with by the standard Excursion/Incursion approval process. It should be noted that these funds go to a designated charity.


  • All fundraising activities must have a teacher in charge. It is the responsibility of the teacher in charge to ensure that all activities are supervised and meet guidelines.
  • All fundraising applications must be submitted to the Principal in writing and written approval received before any planning arrangements commence and monies collected.
  • A clear charitable purpose and curriculum relevance must be evident.
  • All fundraising must be in accordance with the directions of the Auditor General and Department of Education Policy and Guidelines. Approval in writing by the Business Manager must be received before any monies are collected.
  • The Principal may approve fundraising if special hardship or exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated.


  • Fundraising approval does not mean that other associated approvals are automatically given. For example, relevant excursion guidelines may need to be followed.
  • Proper accounting and collection of monies procedures are followed.
  • All activities are deemed safe and follow supervision requirements.
  • Activities with a food component follow the relevant Health and Safety procedures. These are outlined in the Staff Manual.
  • All parties affected are properly notified in a timely manner. These may include the canteen, local businesses, police, local government and shopping centres.


If the activity involves an excursion or incursion approvals for these must also be obtained.