Lower School Good Standing



Lower school students at Willetton Senior High School maintain good standing by consistently demonstrating responsible behaviours.

Good Standing

All lower school students at Willetton Senior High commence every school year with good standing.

Good standing is maintained by demonstration of:

  • responsible behaviour
  • commitment to learning
  • attendance above 90% with no unauthorized absences
  • punctuality
  • dress standards as outlined in school policy

Desirable behaviours which assist students to manage and maintain their good standing are

Commitment to learning

  • active participation in learning activities
  • regular attendance in all classes
  • punctuality with attendance and submission of work

Acceptance of responsibility

  • acknowledging the rights of others to learn or teach
  • treating all members of the school community with dignity and respect

Loss of good standing

When a student fails to demonstrate the requirements to maintain good standing, the following process occurs;

  • the classroom teacher raises the concern with the student, parent, Head of Learning Area and possibly the Year Coordinator
  • interactions are documented
  • if the situation remains unresolved, the Student Management Team become involved and strategies will be put in place to redirect behaviours and/or progress or academic issues. Parents will be informed

Consequences of losing Good Standing

Students who lose their good standing lose privileges such as being able to attend extra-curricular social functions, lightning carnivals and other school sport or school representation activities.


If students lose their good standing, they will be given ample opportunity to regain it. This will be clearly communicated.