Mobile Electronic Devices



Mobile electronic devices are an integral part of everyday life. The inappropriate use of these devices however can be disruptive to the learning environment and may also impact on the wellbeing of students.

Changes announced to the Education Department of Western Australia’s Student Mobile Phones in Public Schools Policy are mandated to come into effect as of February 3, 2020. Implementation of these policy changes are reflected within this document.

The prohibition of the use of mobile phones applies to all students from the time they arrive to the conclusion of the school day (off and away all day) unless the student has been granted an exemption for the following uses;

  • to monitor a health condition as part of a school approved documented health care plan
  • for a particular educational purpose under the direct instruction of a teacher
  • with permission of a teacher for a specified purpose.

The prohibition and exemptions stated above also apply to school organised excursions, events and camps.

Mobile electronic devices include a range of devices such as smartphones, smart watches, tablets and laptops.

The rules regarding the use of mobile electronic devices at Willetton SHS are in keeping with the code of conduct and departmental policy.

For a breach of these rules the Principal may;

  • revoke rights for use
  • make a report through the Online Incident Notification System
  • refer to police or Department of Child Protection if the material is sexually explicit and involves a minor
  • report to police any illegal activity
  • suspend the students involved for a period of time commensurate with the seriousness of the breach.


It is understood that for communication and safety reasons, students may wish to have a mobile phone with them while travelling and during the school day. However, once entering the school property, students must ensure that their phones are switched off and are always stored in a safe and secure place that is out of sight.


Laptops are to be used in an appropriate manner.  Accessing any website or social networking sites for non-curricular purpose is not permitted. Laptops;

  • can be removed from a student if conditions of use are breached
  • are only to be used for activities directly related to the Learning Area curriculum and used only when directed by the classroom teacher
  • are not to be used to record, distribute, display or upload images or videos of staff, students, or parents on school premises unless this is part of an activity supervised by a teacher or other staff member. Any breach of this rule may result in suspension.


  • First Transgression –  the student will be instructed to turn off and put away their mobile device
  • Second Transgression –  the mobile device will be confiscated and passed to Student Services for collection by the student at the end of the day
  • Third Transgression – the mobile device will be confiscated and may be required to be collected by the parent.

Where the breach is of a serious nature affecting other students or staff members, parents will be contacted. The offending student may be prohibited from bringing the device to school and a suspension may result. Furthermore, these sanction may be imposed as a result of numerous and consistent violations of this policy.

Parents/carers and students are reminded that no liability is accepted by the school in the event of loss, theft or damage of any electronic device.